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FRIENDS ONLY [January 28th 2011 03:36 PM]
[ mood | working ]

MR. SMITH, made by me


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the '68 comeback [June 3rd 2006 09:24 PM]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I managed to get tickets to the following:


+ Wallabies vs Enlgand - Sydney

+ Wallabies vs South Africa - Brisbane

+ Wallabies vs New Zealand - Brisbane


+ Australia vs England Twenty20 - Sydney

Yay can't wait! Anyone else going to any of these? See you there, obviously.

I had a great birthday, thanks for all the messages and stuff :]

And yes, that South Africa update is coming.. except I have exams next week..


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remember me? [May 23rd 2006 10:16 PM]
[ mood | odd ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY r0knr0ll!!!


Hope you had a lovely day & got everything you want! (I'm bringing Luke Rooney round later, he just had to stop over at my place...)



Ah, I seriously need to update about my trip to South Africa. Why am I so lazy? Ah well. It'll get done, eventually.

Only three days til my Birthday ;)

State of Origin tomorrow! I expect NSW to win by no less then 26. Haha, well hopefully :P

Hope everyone has a good week. Hurry up please weekend.

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GOODBYE MY LOVERS!! [April 11th 2006 06:33 AM]
[ mood | over-excited ]

Okay guys! Posting to let you know I'm going away for two weeks, to South Africa :D

Buh, I'm so excited. It's so cruel I still have to go to school today, heh.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter!

Want me to bring you back something? Quick, let me know. Here's a rough idea of what I'm taking home so far:
- Freckled Clyde-look-a-like (for me)
- Percy look-a-like (for Kate)
- AB de Villiers (for basically every female cricket fan on my f-list)

I'll be back about the 29th. Don't miss me to much :P

♥ Sarah

P.S I'll be in Sydney tonight, yes! I bet you'll feel my presence.

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:DDDDDDD KATE IS KOOL [April 10th 2006 10:08 PM]
[ mood | rushed ]

Let's pretend it's April 19!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE / llamasxrevenge / GOD !

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